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The Pittman Heritage

Photo of Mr. Pittman and others picking potato snaps in 1910



Pittman Nursery's history dates back to 1910 when A. A. Pittman and Lurline Pittman, his wife raised and harvested sweet potato slips. These plants were packaged and shipped by rail to several southern states. The Grissom family, harvesting the plants, also lived on the farm.

Ninety years and three generations later, Pittman's has grown from a truck farm started in 1918 to a large, efficient operation encompassing three separate businesses.

According to Donald Pittman, the Pittman family has always been horticulturally inclined, beginning with his father, A. A. Pittman, who grew cotton, vegetables, ornamental shrubs, and tended to a fruit orchard. What the family didn't use was sold to the public. As word spread about the quality and selection, demand grew and in the 1920's, Pittman opened his own nursery.

The first greenhouses were built on a 15 acre lot in Magnolia, AR after World War II when Donald Pittman joined his father in the business. At this time there were 3 employees.

As business prospered, Pittman Landscape was established in 1948. In 1959, 120 acres were purchased on Warnock Springs Road in Magnolia to accommodate the growing business. This progress enabled Pittman's to expand their business to include wholesale operations.

In 1977, another generation of Pittmans joined the organization. Donna Pittman, a graduate of Landscape Architecture at Louisiana State University, joined the business as head of the landscape division.

Donald Pittman is a past president of the Arkansas Nurserymen's Association and former governor of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Association of Nurserymen. While president, a certified nurserymen's program was established. This program set guidelines and educational standards for nurserymen. Tests for certification are given by the University of Arkansas, and those receiving certificates are registered with the state. The purpose of such a program is to give the consumer the assurance that they are dealing with knowledgeable personnel that sell horticultural products. Arkansas was the 5th state to initiate such a program and the 1st state in the South. Now over 30 states implement this program.

From 1918 to 2009, Pittman's has grown to include roughly 250 greenhouses and over 300 acres total of container grown product. The hard work and dedication from the family and employees have made Pittman Nursery the leader in horticulture production in Arkansas, providing a full line of trees- ornamental, shade, and fruiting, shrubs-evergreen and ornamental, hybrid roses, azaleas, groundcovers, tropicals, hanging baskets, annuals, perennials, and vegetables.